Brand Trust Pakistan is an emerging name in information technology which brings top-notch innovative solutions for Brand Protection/Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies, Document Security, Degree Security, Mobile and SMS based Track & Trace System for Supply Chain, Warranty Management and Consumer Engagement.

Our solutions are “Brilliantly Built” because they have our customers at the center. Backed by excellent support, in depth expertise of consultants, and robust communication that permeates all phases of the project, working with Brand Trust Pakistan is a partnership that transforms organizations.

Brand Trust Pakistan helps its customers to protect their brand identity from fraudsters, false warranty claims, product diversions, enhance management efficiencies, gather consumer insights, business analytics, call to action, pull based feedback’s, targeted mobile advertisements and much more which benefits the company to boost the brand image and enhancing overall operations.

Product & Services

Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeiting

Brand Trust offers a complete methodology and savvy answer for Brand Protection in light of QR code Authentication Technology. QR code symbology is broadly utilized today for item serialization, record following, and so on in this way making it a brilliant contender for overhauling security level. We help you protect your business with an online brand protection strategy as well. Online brand protection combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust.

Supply Chain / Track & Trace

We provide solutions for complete product traceability in the product life cycle. This solution can be flawlessly incorporated into existing QR code-based Track and Trace framework, giving brand security over the complete supply chain network. This helps the brands to increase effectiveness and decrease costs. We also provide visibility into the supply chain to fight counterfeits and product diversions.

Consumer Engagement

Increase consumer engagement by empowering your customers to authenticate your products simply by using their cell phones, with authentication results quickly displayed on screen and zero exertion required to get to complex hidden features. This gives the customers a sense of validity and encourages them to repeat the overall procedure. Additionally the brand gathers consumer analytics and consumer insights – Whether providing on-the-go product information, usage tips or quick entry into contests and sweepstakes, all this can be easily integrated into a consumer awareness program, fully customizable as per your marketing program and data capture needs.

Warranty Management/Authentication

We provide warranty administration solution that can diminish the warranty spend, increase product reputation and enhances the end-consumer loyalty. Brand Trust Pakistan provides a successful management process through which one can track all warranties through the lifecycle of the product. Through our warranty management, the brand will be able to create, administer, and track warranties & claims.

Pharma Serialization

Brand Trust Pakistan offers complete end to end solutions for Pharma Serialization, Track & Trace Compliance for Manufacturers and Importers of medicines. We provide solutions both Online/Offline for Serialization, aggregation of items, bundles, cases and pallets, meeting the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry and the solutions are GS1 & FDA compliant.

Brand Trust Pakistan also offers complete end to end sticker label printed solution for Pharmaceutical importers. Fully compliant with GS1, 2D data matrix codes. Label Stickers size as per individual SKU’s requirement, having mandatory information in all codes (GTIN, Batch No., Expiry Date, S.No.). Serialization data files are available in XML or CSV format.

Document Security

Our solution makes any document tamper-proof and instantly verifiable by a third party in an offline or online mode. Brand Trust’s solution plugs into existing document production systems and creates a highly secure digital signature with embedded data to be placed on the document as QR code, which is copy proof. Anyone can instantly verify the credibility of the document through an App on their smartphone providing real-time and accurate authentication.

Industrial Printers

Brand Trust Pakistan offers best solutions which let you code and stamp your critical data on surfaces of numerous items with various color inks, diverse text dimensions and distinctive statures. Your data could be printed on Glass Bottles and Containers, Plastic Bottles and Containers, Metal Parts and Cans, Extrusions, Shrink Wraps, Flexible plastic Films, Paperboard and Corrugates, Wood and Lumbers, Eggs and Eggs Cartons and many other coding and marking industries. Our Printers are designed for printing on variety of surface types. Further, inkjet coding and marking systems are ideal for printing barcodes, QR codes, logos, symbols and text on both Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging. You can rely on our marking and coding equipment to code and mark your products with clear and legible coding.

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